Monday, July 19, 2010

Chasing love...even if it lands me in Italy.... (Part 2)

So excited to hear from Jeaneen again!  Check out Part 1 of her romantic story here.

I'm sitting on the floor in my bedroom and yelled out to my mom. “MOMMMMM! Can you watch my cats while I go to Italy for a week?” “TO ITALY!!!” , she screams. Then out the front door she goes. Uhhh!! was that a yes or no answer.

Today has finally come! I'm getting ready to pack my bags for my spring break vacation to Italy. I was so excited and nothing more. I jumped on the plane from DCA to JFK Airport with no problems. I met a guy from Milan and his jazz band members that wanted to scoop me up right away. I'd talked to him most of the way to Italy. When I landed it was drizzling in Milan. I'd went through the check point, got my passport stamped and grabbed my luggage. I went to the restroom before proceeding through the double doors. Staring in the mirror I suddenly freaked out!!! “WHAT IF HE IS A SERIAL KILLER!! OMG! What am I thinking, GOSH! You're so stupid.” Then I thought to myself well... he is short I can take him! So after I'd scared the crap out of myself, I'd walked through the double doors where everyone was standing waiting for their friends and relatives. There he was on his tippie-toes with big brown eyes waiting for me. AWWWW!! SOO CUTEE!! I'd rushed to him and hugged him before I got a closer look at him. He was so adorable. I could just put him in my pocket and run off, but wait a minute... I thought to myself he is really short! So he only asked me two questions in the airport after the long hug. “Are you ready for rain?” of course not and “Am I tall enough for you?” LOL!! of course I told him yes!!!

So here we are together, finally, with 12 days ahead of us. I met his family and friends, which were very nice to me. We'd actually gone to a lot of places and I'd seen a lot of things I've never saw before. We had so much fun together, but I think the funniest part for me besides the X-rated ones (wink), was the club. I was dancing and he had no clue what to do with me so most of the night he stood in the corner with his drink and index finger on his lip like Austin Powers but he was my Mini Me. His friend told me that booty shaking was not in the translating dictionary so that is probably why he didn't know what to do. Here I am with a guy that says all the right things and we can share all the enjoyment and excitement. Do I really want to go home after these 12 days and what happens after this? I had little time to even think about it. To me, he was perfect.

The final day is here and we both pretended as if it would never come. The ride to the airport was long and quiet. I'd told him please don't cry because I would start crying. I look so ugly when I cry and I don't want him to see that. Hahaa! We gave each other our last kiss and he walked up the stairs with his hands in his pocket and his head down, so sad. I felt exactly what he felt. Tears were pouring down my face watching him leave me. I was crying for 8 hours off and on in the airplane. I didn't stop crying until I got home. I had to figure out how to be with him.

After the trip we talked as much as possible. We talked about how we could be together and try having a relationship with each other. In September, I'd finally graduated from college.
In December, I'd packed all of my bags, gave my cats away and moved to Italy.

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