Thursday, July 15, 2010

Worldboarding Memory #9 - Honolulu

Traveling is such a huge part of my life and work (Red Deer, here I come!!!), and I am absolutely in love with it.  Whether it's to Toronto (pics from this weekend's Afrofest 2010 are coming soon) or Latvia (Riga is really the bomb, y'all!), each place is such a jewel with soooooo much to offer. 

I was in Honolulu last year, and as with each trip, I really tried to build in my list of criteria - stuff to check off to make sure I get the best out of every trip.  One of my mantras is DO IT ALL!  On vacay, that's not always possible, but this list helps keep me grounded.  It helps me to do a smaller number of things, but enjoy the substance of the place, its people, and its traditions. 

  1. Art/culture - I stopped into tons of galleries, which often feature the best of a town's up and coming artists.  Also paid some homage at Pearl Harbor - it's actually memorialized quite beautifully.
  2. Nature - Enjoyed mucho tiempo en la playa.  How else do you really see spending island time!?!?
  3. Adventure - See my humble attempt at cliff diving.....the smack on the tummy was worth the thrill!!!
  4. Athletic/Fitness - The stairs at Diamond Head State Monument were a killer!!!
  5. Nightlife - This is always the easiest to cross of the list!
  6. Relaxation - I had a spa day at the Kahala Hotel, and it was just amazing.  Lots of hotels around - check the timing of your trip for special deals!!!
  7. Live Music - The Polynesian Cultural Center is an obvious choice, but I still enjoyed!
  8. Local Food - Stopped by a church yard for some local barbeque.  It was a fundraiser, so I stuffed my mouth for a great cause!
How about you?  I'm curious to learn about new ways to make the best of trip-hopping.  Would love to hear about your travels and adventures!

Ciao y'all!

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  1. You're such an organized traveler! That's why I need to travel with you again! Love the blog!!!



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