Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latvian singing, dancing, and fire celebrations!

On my recent adventure in Latvia, our group enjoyed a unique and special peek into a Latvian cultural and musical art from. We met with a group of traditional singers and musicians and had a fire ceremony!

I'll try to describe...........

  1. A man and woman (representing masculine and feminine energy) had to to build a fire. The group decided to pick a pair that made the event possible. They selected Normunds Cercins (Board member of the Valmiera Area Community Foundation) and me!

  2. So then we had to build a fire.

  3. And poof!

  4. Then we had to throw salt and water into the fire (you can tell I was scared of the fire coming up to waist level - it was HOT!!!!)

  5. If the fire kept burning, then our wishes would be granted. To tell the truth, I don't quite remember what I wished for, but I'm sure it was the same things I pray for. and the fire kept burning:)

ciao for now!


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