Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nice Guys always finish last, but you better be at the Finish Line, cuz they are worth waiting for!!!

Never been one to hoot and holler about romance, but since my guy and I are on opposite ends of a really long transatlantic line, I can't stop thinking about how much I miss him. I'm having a blast in Europe, but thereš still a little bit of emptiness lurking around my travels. I love my quirkly alone time, but I REALLY miss having someone to share my plate with.

I try to be faithful in recognizing my blessings, and the Polar Bear (my sweetieš nickname) ranks really high these days. Heš quite a special catch, and I thought I'd share a few reasons why (in traditional countdown form..... :)

10. Heš an awesome cook (and surprises me sometimes by packing leftovers for my lunch the next day....and he includes cutlery!)

9. He took me to see Vagina Monologues (yes, I bought the tickets, but really, he was like 1 of 1.5 straight guys there.)

8. He always keeps bottles of our (and my) favorite wines on hand.

7. He gives the warmest hugs at the airport (in both the Arrival and Departure terminals).

6. He made me a Valentineš gift basket with arts and crafts from Michaelš.

5. He always talks it out.

4. He listens, and asks really great follow up questions.

3. He tolerates my mood swings, personality ups and downs, and disorderly conduct.

2. He understands me, and when he doesn't,

1. He really tries.

Not to lecture about relationships, but if youŗe guy is special, be sure you let him know, k?

ciao for now,


  1. How ultra sweet! I'm still waiting for my Mr. right, but I can wait a few more years. LOL

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  2. DOES HE HAVE A BROTHER?!?!?! LOL!!!! With all the single Black Woman/ Bashing of Black Male talk, this post was truly appreciated to provide a silver lining... Everyone should be so lucky to have such a DOPE Man!!!! Have safe travels and keep writing love!!!

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