Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chasing love...even if it lands me in Canada

The exchange rate of living in Canada just went up.  Way up. 
Emotions are at peak value these days :)
Continuing the saga (and joy!) of cross-border love,
Here's my short story....or novella, as it may turn out....

I chatted a short while ago about how I met the Polar Bear online. 
It was a GREAT introduction (click here for the background),
and we totally hit it off...and been going strong ever since.
Best thing since blueberry muffins (which I absolutely LOVE!)

Then....some news.....
He had been on the job hunt for a while, months, actually
had some successes, but nothing really GREAT panned out...
until he had an interview last Tuesday (a week ago, can u believe it?!!?!?)
in Toronto
And on Wednesday, he got the job offer.
This was fantastic, deliciously sweet music!

Until I heard that there was one stipulation.
He had to start immediately.
On Wednesday, I bawled, brawled, and cried till I was sore
(all over pizza and pinot grigio).
On Thursday, I pulled it together
and started the Exel sheet listing all the stuff to get done before his move.
(Such an A-type, right?!!?!?)
On Friday, I rolled over the big suitcase.
On Saturday, we took pictures of his house to post online
(hope he gets some tenants soon!!!)
On Sunday, we had a beautiful breakfast and planned the rest of our weekends.

I'm not the biggest fan of long distance relationships.
Too lonely.
Too expensive.
Too worrisome.
But love's not easy - if it were, everyone would have it, right?

So, for now, he rests his head in Toronto,
but, more importantly,
 he rests his heart with me.

And that's alright.


  1. "But loves not easy - if it were, everyone would have it, right?"

    I love that line.

  2. thanks, adrienne!!!

    that one's from my girl, m. renee williams in NYC (shout out to U missy!!!! when's your blog going up?!?!?!!?!??)


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