Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Neat Ice Cube Dilemma

Scene: Allyson and the Polar Bear making breakfast.

Me: (Filling in the ice container in the freezer with cubes from the tray. Proceed to fill up the tray, making sure that the water does not pass over the walls of the ice cube tray, ensuring that neat ice cubes will result; place tray back in freezer.)

Polar Bear: (Retrieve ice tray; filling tray full of water.)

Me: I filled them half way on purpose. That way you get neat ice cubes.

Polar Bear: But they won't be big enough.

Me: Yes they will. When do you ever need huge ice cubes? If you get huge ice cubes, it waters your drink down anyway.

Polar Bear: You're right.

Me; Plus, they're neat.

Polar Bear: You're right.

Oh, amor. We're getting there.

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