Friday, June 11, 2010

An Abundant Weekend

I am so excited about the weekend! Tonight, the Polar Bear and I are headed to see Coba (Collective of Black Artists), a dance troupe from Toronto. We get tickets at 50% because of the connetion with The Cultural Arts Studio School Of Afro-Caribbean Dance (I've still got to post some pics from our recital - it was AWESOME!)

Then I'll probably turn it in early (late night with the girls last evening. We had such a great potluck....but we ordered pizza instead:)

On Saturday, the girls and I are having a meeting to continue planning for the What to Wear Ottawa! Fashion Showcase (details are coming......along with a blog!). It's such fun to catch up with those ladies. They're such a hoot!

Then later in the evening I'm running my first 10K. From sofa to street. Hope I don't get to comfy strolling:)

Got a brunch on the agenda for Sunday, and lots of relaxing....and balancing!

Why are you still in front of a computer?!!?!!?!! An awesome weekend awaits!

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  1. Sounds like a fab weekend. I'm still in front of a computer because I'm studying! And reading blogs to procrastinate lol...


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