Friday, June 11, 2010

Hotel service - Caution when booking!

Part of my job is making arrangments for guest rooms and meeting space for small gatherings that our program organizes. We're working on one in Milwaukee, WI for June, and we're pulling together a meeting in Charlotte, NC for September of later this year (yay!). I'm overexcited because it's so close to home....YIPPEE!!!

Usually we need 20 guest rooms and a meeting space (with a window!), and lately, I've become astonished at how carelessly some of these hotel folks treat my customer service.
  • With one hotel, I was quoted a fantastic rate! I was ready to get the contract going, till I got a phone call telling me that the sales mananger was looking at the wrong year when she gave me the estimates!!!!
  • In some cases, attendees of our meeting like to stay a day or two later. With a hotel that we had booked an event in (and paid a heavy deposit for), I asked if our contracted rate could be extended to the extra nights that an attendee would be staying. AFTER A WEEK, I called the sales manager back, and after stalling again, she gets back to me with a solid NO. Nice, huh?
  • In the exact same case as above, I've been asking for a total cost for our contract. I've been in touch with these folks for 4 months. REALLY?

I just wonder why, in cases where money is being handled, professionals don't act...well, professionally! What are folks focusing on if it's not DETAILS? Booking rooms is not an added part of these people's jobs. IT IS THEIR JOB! Why do I find myself following up with them, correcting their numbers, confirming their space for my needs? Can I get a part of their paycheck, please (or at least a discount on some room service!)?

ciao y'all!


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