Sunday, June 13, 2010

All White Party - check!

Just saw a post on Wearing White over at Fashionalities, and I HAD to share these. I'm not in the habit of wearing all white very often, but it's great to see how it can be done in practical ways. I've since added a few white pieces to the arsenal...hope I get lucky enough to rock 'em out soon!

Kareem Rashid is in the habit of wearing white, silver, and hot pink, and he does it very well - could be an inspiration for a men's line, I think!

ciao y'all!


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  1. You know what Ally? That is a great observation. I didn't notice until now how we actually showcased a variety of ways to wear white that night. The night was so much about the fashion show itself, but us and the guests all very just as fashionable. You had on the skirt, Missy the long wide legged pants, and I the shorts. We rocked!



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