Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forget your car - Winterize YOUR HAIR!!!

Outside of my girl M. Renee's  lovely spot in Harlem

We've hit below zero in Ottawa, and while winter doesn't officially begin til next week, enough cold spells have hit the region.   I straightened my hair (shout out to Kidst at L'attitudes in Toronto's Eaton Center!), which has kept me looking and feeling good for more than a week now (though sweat, rain, and snow have now become my worst enemies).  It won't last forever, and I'll be going back to my curls next week.  Thought I might share a few tips for the curly girls who are keeping their hair smooth and healthy throughout the winter woes:)

For minding naturally curly hair

  • Products - Pantene Conditioner and Mousse (for Curly Hair - Dry to Moisterized), Tresseme Flawless Curls Hair Lotion
  • Procedure - I comb my hair (in the shower) maybe once a week. Also, I wash it once a week too, but condition it every morning. Every morning, I let the conditioner remain on my hair while I shower - a good 10-15 minutes. Really massage it in, and the natural curls/ ringlets start to take shape. Don't comb it - this will separate the curls, and sometimes makes it frizzy. After rinsing it out, squeeze any extra water out. Then i part my hair in 4 sections, and massage the mousse in - a dollop per section. Then let it air dry - takes 30-45 minutes to completely dry.
  • If you don't want to condition every morning (and who would - in this weather?) put a bit of Tresseme Flawless Curls Hair Lotion throughout her hair to keep the curls from becoming dry.
For straightening the hair
  • I just straigtened my hair, and it's great for the winter! I went to a salon in Toronto (as soon as I find one here in Ottawa, I'll be sure to let you know), and asked for a blowout and style. She took a blowdryer and brush, and straightened my hair (it was huge afterwards!). Then she took a flatiron to it, which made it so much more manageable. I can do it myself, but I love to get pampered! All you need is a blowdryer, a really good flat iron, and some hair oil for moisterizing.
  • Every night, I sleep with sponge curlers in, and all I do in the morning is take out the curlers and give my head a good shake - easiest thing in the world!
  • This will last for 2 weeks - till I wash it, and then I'll go back to the naturally curly look.

Got some tips?  Share 'em!

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