Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your hair is your glory

I just indulged in Chris Rock's "Good Hair" last night (I know I'm a year late - but it was on sale at Blockbuster!), and I thought it was great - it was hilarious, but disgustingly truthful at the same time.  Weaves cost upwards of hundreds, even thousands of dollars?!?!?!?!  Who knew?  I freak out over a $75 cut and blow-out. 

I've always known that black hair care was big business, but I was disappointed to learn that most of the income generated by our crowning glory doesn't remain in our community.  It makes sense now - even in Ottawa, Canada, the only store in my downtown neighborhood that sells black hair care products, weaves, and wigs is Asian owned and operated. 

I was happy with the film as a comedy, but it gave minimal closure.   If Mr. Rock ever creates a sequel, I'd love to see a bigger focus on natural hair.  There's such a range of dreads, threads, curls, twirls, ringlets, and waves - the women with the natural crown swere gorgeous, but I just don't think there were enough of them.  I guess since the natural process doesn't generate as much cash, it doesn't warrant enough film coverage.

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