Friday, January 21, 2011

21 Reasons for January to be OVER

Live every day to the fullest.  I'm trying dang hard to, but these winter blues have me wanting February, March, and April to high tail it into 2011.   The New Year wasn't the best (had to say goodbye to Mom, King Oui Oui (my hilarious Bichon), and South Carolina), so January wasn't too joyful this year.

I'm really pressing to get through this month happily, but I'm really looking forward to the days ahead. I'm gonna limit my venting to 21 statements.  After all, it is January 21 today, and I shouldn't have more than 1 complaint per day.

I think through this writing excercise, it'll make me acknowledge the blessings that January has brought along with the complaints.....
  1. January wasn't as fun as December.  There is no competition. 
  2. January in Ottawa is just too darn cold. The wind chill makes it go soooooooo way below 0 that I sometimes think I've been transported to the Arctic like Dorothy was blown to Oz.
  3. January requires too much wardrobe consideration.  I'm from South Carolina, and I'm running out of winter clothes to wear (but no shortage of coats, mind you..a lady's gotta be warm!)
  4. January is too windy.  January's winds make my skin is so dry even presciption creams, Aveeno (3 DIFFERENT KINDS!), Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and even Vaseline can't help me.
  5. January has no big special events planned for me.  My girl's wedding isn't until FEBRUARY!
  6. January doesn't give enough time for beginning-of-the-month stuff to get done. When people get back from the holidays, it takes a good week to get back into the groove of things.  By that time, the month's almost done!  
  7.  January has short days.  I know they're technically longer, but my office has no windows - uffa!  It's dark when I get here and dark when I leave.
  8. January doesn't offer the best fruits and vegetables.  All the produce is so expensive now, and the fresh stuff...well, doesn't look so fresh.
  9. January has expensive flights.  I'm not sure why, but flights to SC are now $100 more expensive than they were last month - even for travelling in May!
  10. January skies aren't blue.  At least not here.  Here, they are quite gray, even when the sun is out.
  11. January makes me sleepy.  Not sure why, but I'm sooooooooooo tired.  EVERY day!  I bumped up my iron intake, but it's not helping....
  12. January nightlife isn't July's.  Who wants to shovel snow off the car at 2 AM after the club?
  13. January has awful grocery uptake.  I don't drive, so getting groceries in the winter is an extra-curricular project in itself. 
  14. January has no holidays in Canada.  No, Jan. 1 doesn't count.  Since we're not at work in January before January 1, there's nothing to take a holiday from.  At least there's MLK day back home. 
  15. January has all the sick people in the doctor's office.  I don't know why, but all my regular doctor's appointments were scheduled for January.  Wrong move. 
  16. January has all the sick people in my office.  Colds seem to jump from person to person.  Glad I've had my round!
  17. January doesn't give the best photos. There's so sun, so I'm finding that I look sooooooo pale in pics. I use a bronzer, and that's helping.
  18. January adds on lbs.  Whether it's from all that comfort food, or all the layers of clothes, I just feel heavy. 
  19. January sees everyone at the gym.  Just when Gym and I were forming a special bond, all these resolution-keeping-lunatics got in the middle of what we had.
  20. January sees higher utilities.  I haven't seen the bills yet, but I'm home more in January, so it makes sense, right?
  21. January is in a space that's hard on the soul.  December was joyful, and February will be romantic.....but what has the commercial world done for January? 


  1. Hey Allyson,

    Long time no see! I hear you about the January blues. My b-day is in Jan, so one thing to look forward to. As for the "tiredness", make sure you are getting LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of vitamin D. I (as a pale girl) take 4000 IU per day. Girls with darker complexion in Ottawa during the winter could probably even use more! Crazy but true.

  2. I feel your pain, Allyson. Here's to hoping the rest of the month flies by!


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