Friday, October 1, 2010

Mountain Climbing (or heading up on a Gondola....)

Talk about a grand ole time.  I just got back from a speedy trip through Alberta, one of Canada's western provinces (just north of Montana).  It was an awesome trip!  I started in Red Deer (think Texas cowboy town), ventured into Calgary (an urban center known for the annual Stampede in July), and then drove over to Banff and Lake Louise (just gorgeous!). 

The Banff excursion was way too short.  I'm not a skiier, so going in September (when you can still wear short sleeves and bear it!) was ideal for me.  Banff is the kind of place where you can go, get to know the locals (shout out to Jeff at the Elk and Oarsman!), and really get into the nitty gritty of lovely places.

Hope to head back next year!

Lake Louise (about 45 minutes from Banff)
Bow Falls, just beyond Banff Ave.

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