Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summertime....and the Living WILL BE EASY!!!!!

Gosh I miss the days of old when summer was really summer.   A time to take off from school, assignments, responsibility, and life in general.  Now that I'm a grown-up, I really miss the relaxed laziness of summer.  I don't even know what it IS to have a lazy summer anymore!

Work is nonstop...I can't take off from how can I capture the essence of summer in the context of adulthood?!?!?!!  I'm just coming down from the high of one of the world's funnest celebrations (Caribana in Toronto!!!), and I want to build this FUN state of mind into my week. 

I can't lie - I do find traces of summer in my weekends (a trip to the cottage, a few cookouts here and there.....), but I really want to find more happiness in this limited season that we have.  I made the mistake of planning my big trip to California earlier this summer, in June. I kinda wish I had planned it for August - sort of something to look forward to throughout the summer, know what I mean?

Celebrating summer in Ottawa.....this is going to be my quest.  I've got some ideas....if you've got a few to add, please let me know :)

  1. Buy popsicles and eat them on the patio.
  2. Take an hour-long boat ride on the canal.
  3. WALK on the canal.
  4. Hijack my friend Daphna's pool for an afternoon.
  5. Take more walks outside (especially in the morning, if I can.  It's too muggy around sunset).
  7. Go dancing.
  8. Ask around about who is having a cookout (we can't have a grill on our outside property.  REALLY WACK!!!!!
  9. Dress in lighter fabrics.
  10. Have some summer dinners.

Hope to hear more ideas from ya!

ciao y'all!

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