Friday, August 6, 2010

Smile at the The Delicious Life!

For the past few years, I’ve developed a bunch of mantras, mottos, sayings, and reminders that bring to mind all the blessings that we have when we just look. Some have been long forgotten (like bad shades of lipstick and shoes with uncomfortable heels:)  Others have stayed, and become a huge part of what brings joy to my life, purpose to my day, and a balance to everything that life demands.

Take a peek….maybe you can identify with some, and hopefully, you can add your own!
1. Pray consistently – One thing that offers tremendous strength is prayer. I’m a lifelong Christian, and my boyfriend…Hindu. One of the things that unites us is our prayer. Together, we pray over food (we both looooooove to eat!). In my personal space though, I pray for what every my spirit is hungry for. Lately, I’ve ended my prayer by asking for 3 blessings: a blessing on a loved one (like traveling safety for my Mom, who is in Tanzania on a mission trip), a blessing on an unfortunate group (like those impacted by the rains in India), and a blessing on my life (like finding direction). There’s so much empowerment that comes from prayer, and it gets my day started on the right foot!
2. Live a life worth writing a book about – And I’m trying! I’ve been journaling since I was a little girl, and have lots of torn notebooks to show for it. There was purpose in my madness…..when I feel really defeated sometimes, I’ll pick up a journal, read an entry from a year ago, and feel so invigorated (almost immediately) about how far life has brought me.

3. Dress for the job that you want – I work in philanthropy at an office in Ottawa (love the job, by the way), and while I’ll likely stay in the field, I want my career to somehow encompass more creativity. So that’s how I dress – with color, ethnic richness, and funky silhouette. While I try not to pay too much attention to external fashion trends around me, the way you dress yourself is indeed a presentation to the world….and says a million lovely things about you!
4. Wake up slowly – This I learned from a 3 year old cutie pie that I used to babysit. Whenever he’d wake up from his nap, he’d always say that he’s waking up slowly. I’ve adopted this to characterize the way I greet the day. Allowing 5-10 abundantly empty minutes between you being married to the bed and you standing upright is such a great way to transition into the morning. Usually looking at the sun is enough….then my brain starts working, and gets excited about the day.

5. Try to make someone else smile – Nothing brings more joy than knowing that you could bring joy to someone else. Usually, a “Good Morning!” in the elevator in my building is enough (quite usual in my southern hometown…not so much in Ottawa…yet!).

What are some of your mantras/mottos/reminders about living the good life?!?!!?!

ciao y'all!

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