Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My best writing....

Oprah. Deepak. even Tupac - have all written and spoken about living the best life.  It seems, though, that talking about living the best life has been reserved for adults - those who have been through it, know about it, and are ready to do it over again, and do it better.

As I was growing up, I read voraciously (and still do) about how to improve my life, joy, spiritual strength, financial balance, career, etc. The pleasure is searching for writers whose views and goals are somewhat aligned with my own.  As a teenager and young adult, that was very difficult.

I'm huge on tips, tools, and lists....oh - and journaling, too!  Been writing since I was a young girl, and I'd always had it in my head to do something good with my journals.  The ideas are still coming together, but over the weekend I had an uplifting revelation:  to write the book that mothers will give to their daughters.  And, in some cases, this book will also be the book that daughters will give to their mothers.  I've been working on the content for years....just narrowing it down (in my own head) to what could be the most nourishing.

While a hardback edition might not even see the light of day, this is a soulfilled intention, and I'm gonna get started!!!  Wish me luck :)

ciao y'all!

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