Thursday, April 8, 2010

Secret #6

I'm in denial about several things. Some are more detrimental to myself than others, but I hope all these conditions get better soon.
Was in church on Sunday, which sparked a discussion about what my friend and I are in denial about. At first I thought only 2 or 3 would be on my list...then I kept thinking deeper....
  1. I'm not judgmental. Yeah. right. I'm as judgmental as the day is long. Wrong treatment at the store from an employee? I judge her patience. Improper timing on a turn signal? I question the driver's experience. Skirt fitting too tight and fake weave fitting too long? I criticize the chick's upbringing. I know it's wrong. I'm working on it.
  2. My finances are okay. Ha! One of my goals is to check all my accounts (I have a US savings and checking and a Canadian checking) each day. For what?!?!!??! Nothing new goes in daily, but it sure comes out!!!!
  3. The relationship between my father and I will heal. My brother's 10 years older than me, and he's still chasing his tail on this one. What makes me any different? All I know is that I call him every month (he never picks up the phone, nor does he call me back). I haven't seen him in years, and he keeps making excuses as to why I can't visit him in his space (he can't come to Canada because his passport was confiscated for not keeping up with child support). It's almost May. Guess I have another call to make. Persistence is painful.
  4. The conditions of Black America will improve. This - THIS - gives me reason to pause. I look at where we were 30, 40, 50 years ago, and I observe us now. Widespread imprisonment of males, deplorable high school drop out rates, drug abuse, unemployment, our language, the disrespectful way we treat each other, the disparaging terms and images we use to depict our women....on and on and on. My life's work has been to join those working to improve conditions so that all people can live to their full potential, co-exist in the healthiest of environments, and enjoy a sound and protected quality of life. We're working on this, but I wonder, how do we turn it all around?
  5. I don't care what people think. Why would I have a blog if I didn't?

That be it for now.

Ciao, y'all!

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