Thursday, July 6, 2017

59. Do a Spending Freeze

On July 1, we started the 2017 Epic Spending Freeze Challenge, and I epically failed within two days.

My offenses include:  2 souvenirs from Canada (it's the 150th anniversary of our neighbor to the north!), a backpack (you know....for festivals, museum days, and outdoor fetes), and fancy bottled water (which is also a crime in my environmental stewardship book!). 

I confessed to my Accountability Partner, and now....I've got a clean slate.

Although the Challenge is already underway, it's not too late to get started.  Feel free to drop a line and join the crew.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind to help you get started:

1.  Obtain a free credit report.
2.  Identify where you will place your savings.
3.  Write out and total your debt.
4.  Return everything that still has a price tag.
5.  Create a weekly budget for eating out, coffee, drinks with friends, etc.
6.  Lower the interest rate on your credit cards.
7.  Set a financial savings goal.
8.  Create a "Fun Fund" for your hobbies.
9.  Create a list of must-purchase items for the next six months.
10.  Remove all shopping and discretionary spending apps from your phone.

Hope this is helpful!


We're moving!

Life has happened in 27 cities, and I'm about to embark on #28. 
I couldn't be more excited!!!!!

After a long stint in Augusta, GA, I packed up my place and like a pro, labeled everything in color-coordinated bins and placed in storage.  July 10 will be a big day for #WinnieTheBichon and me - we're moving to a southern spot to let some grass grow around our feet. 

The job will still have me on the road pretty frequently, but at least we'll have a more permanent zip code. 


Friday, April 14, 2017

58. Make lots of Powerful Lists......and review them daily

Powerful women make powerful lists.

We took a look at creating Bucket Lists, which is great practice to set and track long-term and lifelong goals.  Since we've got a whole lifetime ahead of ourselves, let's also take a look at other ways to break down goals into daily lists.  These checklists can be very inspirational in a tangible way - and keep us on our toes constantly!

Here's a quick glance at my Short Term Goals List.  Take a look and think about your short term goals, which can be achieved in a short span of time (like 1 day or up to 12 months). 

How can breaking down goals into action items help shift your life into high-happiness gear?

  1. Tithe more responsibly
  2. Read the Bible in a Year
  3. Join a prayer circle
  4. Participate in a mission trip with a local church
  5. Set up a account for my home church
  1. Invite 2-3 colleagues in the field to facilitate a webinar
  2. Attend conferences that feed my career goals
  3. Listen to at least 1 TED talk each week
  4. Create a PPT deck in case I ever need to make a presentation on Strategic Fundraising
  5. Research board service opportunities
  1. Commit to saving enough for a down-payment on a home by the end of the year
  2. Save $1,000 to contribute to a non-profit cause
  3. Reduce credit card debt by 50% this year
  1. Plant a vertical garden
  2. Run a 10K in every city where I have an assignment
  3. Join a sports team (like kickball!)
  4. Buy a bike (or participate in a bike-sharing program)
  5. Take a few classes (Krav Maga / Ballet)
  1. Volunteer in a meaningful way
  2. Journal robustly
  3. Print updated luggage tags
  4. Obtain my global drivers license
  5. Learn how to drive a stick-shift car
  1. Go to a Clemson Bowl Game
  2. Learn how to DJ
  3. Learn how to Rollerblade
  4. Organize a women's networking event/dinner at least once a year
  5. Learn and perform a set of songs by Prince
  1. Finish a series of language classes (maybe Polish!)
  2. Learn how to play chess and poker (and get really good at both!)
  3. Collect great facts about my home state

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

57. Be a part of the Support System for Women in Crisis

Ladylike Commentary on the Bill Cosby Epidemic: 

I will not pretend to be judge nor jury, but we do know the truth will surface - even if it has been more than 45 years for some of the women that have spoken out recently.

The only truth that I can embrace is that there must have been a chronically sad display of cultural empathy for human welfare in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's (THAT'S OUR LIFETIME, PEOPLE) if a woman - or anyone for that matter- felt overwhelmed by potential condescension, neglect, and/or mistreatment if she voiced, accused, or reported an instance of rape.  

The mental, psychological, and emotional fortitude to withstand rape and molestation - and not see the perpetrator brought to justice - is incredible to me.

No matter how the Cosby case is shaped, we know that this scenario - highlighted only because of his celebrity status - is representative of an unknown number of instances (and in many women's lives, permanent conditions) of sexual abuse.

A few thoughts and questions that came in my brainspace.........

  1. It's a dark and dangerous topic, but are women having conversations about this? 
  2. Are women exploring the layers that plague rape victims from generation to generation?
  3. For rape victims, are there community services that are both visible and accessible to them? 
  4. Will insurance carriers support therapy sessions without mandating that rape victims carry the label of being "clinically depressed?"
  5. For all the federal, state, and private resources that are available, are women's (and girls') issues appropriately funded in the context of national priorities?

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