Friday, April 14, 2017

58. Make lots of Powerful Lists......and review them daily

Powerful women make powerful lists.

We took a look at creating Bucket Lists, which is great practice to set and track long-term and lifelong goals.  Since we've got a whole lifetime ahead of ourselves, let's also take a look at other ways to break down goals into daily lists.  These checklists can be very inspirational in a tangible way - and keep us on our toes constantly!

Here's a quick glance at my Short Term Goals List.  Take a look and think about your short term goals, which can be achieved in a short span of time (like 1 day or up to 12 months). 

How can breaking down goals into action items help shift your life into high-happiness gear?

  1. Tithe more responsibly
  2. Read the Bible in a Year
  3. Join a prayer circle
  4. Participate in a mission trip with a local church
  5. Set up a account for my home church
  1. Invite 2-3 colleagues in the field to facilitate a webinar
  2. Attend conferences that feed my career goals
  3. Listen to at least 1 TED talk each week
  4. Create a PPT deck in case I ever need to make a presentation on Strategic Fundraising
  5. Research board service opportunities
  1. Commit to saving enough for a down-payment on a home by the end of the year
  2. Save $1,000 to contribute to a non-profit cause
  3. Reduce credit card debt by 50% this year
  1. Plant a vertical garden
  2. Run a 10K in every city where I have an assignment
  3. Join a sports team (like kickball!)
  4. Buy a bike (or participate in a bike-sharing program)
  5. Take a few classes (Krav Maga / Ballet)
  1. Volunteer in a meaningful way
  2. Journal robustly
  3. Print updated luggage tags
  4. Obtain my global drivers license
  5. Learn how to drive a stick-shift car
  1. Go to a Clemson Bowl Game
  2. Learn how to DJ
  3. Learn how to Rollerblade
  4. Organize a women's networking event/dinner at least once a year
  5. Learn and perform a set of songs by Prince
  1. Finish a series of language classes (maybe Polish!)
  2. Learn how to play chess and poker (and get really good at both!)
  3. Collect great facts about my home state

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