Tuesday, January 3, 2017

57. Be a part of the Support System for Women in Crisis

Ladylike Commentary on the Bill Cosby Epidemic: 

I will not pretend to be judge nor jury, but we do know the truth will surface - even if it has been more than 45 years for some of the women that have spoken out recently.

The only truth that I can embrace is that there must have been a chronically sad display of cultural empathy for human welfare in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's (THAT'S OUR LIFETIME, PEOPLE) if a woman - or anyone for that matter- felt overwhelmed by potential condescension, neglect, and/or mistreatment if she voiced, accused, or reported an instance of rape.  

The mental, psychological, and emotional fortitude to withstand rape and molestation - and not see the perpetrator brought to justice - is incredible to me.

No matter how the Cosby case is shaped, we know that this scenario - highlighted only because of his celebrity status - is representative of an unknown number of instances (and in many women's lives, permanent conditions) of sexual abuse.

A few thoughts and questions that came in my brainspace.........

  1. It's a dark and dangerous topic, but are women having conversations about this? 
  2. Are women exploring the layers that plague rape victims from generation to generation?
  3. For rape victims, are there community services that are both visible and accessible to them? 
  4. Will insurance carriers support therapy sessions without mandating that rape victims carry the label of being "clinically depressed?"
  5. For all the federal, state, and private resources that are available, are women's (and girls') issues appropriately funded in the context of national priorities?

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