Sunday, March 31, 2013

45. Winter Sports

The woman shall, during each winter and when reasonably affordable, indulge in a winter sport that tests her courage and inspires the thrill of her heart.

I'm back from a fantastic weekend spent in Tamworth, NH, where 4 girlfriends and I took major risks on the slopes.  Well, technically, we never made it to the actual slopes (per the ski instructor's emphatic warnings).  Rather, we stayed on the Magic Carpet and at times, ventured onto the Rope Tow (we knew to stay in our lane!). My good friend Nakia in Boston orchestrated the getaway - cabin, food, wine, and all - thanks, lady!

It was a bit disheartening to watch toddlers swiftly loop and swerve around us, but we gave it our best. It was an incredible time, and topped off with an evening of tubing, we felt like we were kids again.  Next year, ladies, I'm gearing up for the lift!

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