Sunday, March 31, 2013

44. Sunday Best

The woman shall, when attending a Christian church, dress accordingly to honor her environment, her faith, and the special meaning of Sunday service.

This is a special note, and it's a very personal one that not all readers will agree with, and that's okay.  Feel free to check out the next law:)

I'm just back from Easter service, and as a faithful southern church goer, I get excited about dressing up for church.  Back in the day, I can remember white patent leather shoes, frilly dresses and sometimes a white hat with a pastel ribbon - oh, and a purse to match!  Easter was a special time in my childhood, and it was the introduction to all things prim, proper, and ladylike.

We now live in an age where everything is casual.  There are casual Fridays, casual dating, casual dinner, etc.  Some people do prefer that - but every once in a while special events, dating someone special, and going somewhere special puts a twinkle in our eye.  For me, Sunday morning church service brings that twinkle.

I was really suprised during service today - Easter Sunday - to see so much casual attire on such a special day.  This seemed like a dressy church (you can always tell by the hats that the elder mothers of the church wear), and it was a bit disruptive to see fishnets, baseball caps, and lingerie -inspired dresses. 

I've picked up a few fashion rules from church divas, and here are a few to share:
  1. If you're wearing a short-ish skirt/dress, carry a cloth handkerchief or a scarf to cover your knees (thanks to Miss Chris from Charleston).
  2. Always cover your back.  Event if your dress is spare back there, carry a cardigan (thanks to Renee in NYC).
  3. If you're wearing closed toe pumps, wear hose.  To pick your color, check out this Law.  
I understand that people must wear what they have and that attire should never prohibit one from attending church - that's not what this law is about. Rather, this law is about preserving the special meaning of Sunday service. There was a time when you had your Sunday best, and that's what you gave to God on His special day - your best. Perhaps this law is also about missing a simpler, more reverent time. Maybe this lil' law is just for me. Well, it's for me and all the Carrie's of the world who wear gloves to service.

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