Wednesday, January 23, 2013

32. Perfect Buns

The woman shall master the version of a bun-inspired hair style that suits her taste and activities for the day (or night!).

Prima ballerinas and librarians aren't the only divas who can rock a bun-inspired hairstyle, and no matter your texture,you can rock it in any way you'd like. 

If you're on the shorter side of the height stick, buns can actually add height, and so bun-styles are my go-to for days when I'm rocking flat shoes (or lots of fabric).  That way, my person isn't too overwhelmed by what I'm wearing.

Also, if you're African American like me, buns can be a great style to express your hair texture and natural curl pattern in a really chic way.  Whether your sides have baby curls or are slick like Rick, the sloppy, classy, or edgy bun is a great go-to style.

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