Sunday, January 20, 2013

31. Major National Celebrations

The woman shall exercise every opportunity to participate in at least one major national occasion or celebratory event in her life.

It's Inauguration 2013 Eve, and I am incredibly excited!!!  Early tomorrow morning, I'll be in the Yellow Section to witness the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama.  I was there in 2009, and although I'm not looking forward to the weather, I'll withstand it proudly for POTUS and FLOTUS!

I was wondering whether or not to go, but a few thoughts were shared gently with me:
  1. This is mindblowing US history!  How can I tell my future children that Mommy wasn't on site at a historical event because she was too lazy.cold.tired.a loser? 
  2. There are millions of people who labored, campaigned, and worked to get President Obama in office.  This inauguration is like a great big present for the USA!  How can I not be there to receive it?  Thanks, y'all!!!!!!!
  3. When POTUS looks out as he's being sworn in, he won't see me, but he'll see the millions like me who are grateful for his continued leadership. Glad to be part of the crowd!

Big thanks to Angela (Washington, DC), Deontée (Birmingham, AL), and Terry and Gillian (both of Hilton Head Island, SC) for your awesome commitment.

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