Wednesday, January 16, 2013

19. Cosmetic Consultation

The woman shall own cosmetic products (and application knowledge) that best suit her unique features.

In these, the days of Nicki Minaj-type masks and tattooed mascara, so many ladies hide themselves under pounds of concealer, miles of false eyelashes, and lipstick so oily that I'm sure it requires EPA approval.

Mastering make-up is an evolving skill.  Your skin will change, as will the way you want to appear.  Take advantage of the cosmetic expertise at your local department store and book an appointment.  Don't be suckered into buying everything they recommend, but be prepared to snatch up the cosmetics that you know will work for you.

A couple pointers that seem to work really well:
  1. Bronzer can double as an awesome blush.
  2. Once you find the shade of red lipstick that works for you (mine is Dubonet by MAC - and there's a perfect shade for every woman), get loads of it at the Company Cosmetic Store (an outlet store).
  3. Define your lips or define your eyes.  Choose one, as accentuating both adds years, folks tell me.

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