Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secret #3

When I miss home, it messes up my whole game.

So I've been feeling really crusty today, and I think it's because I miss home, my Mom, good cookin', and Oui Oui (pr. wee wee - he's my hyperactive, superexcitable bichon frise that I named after Louis XIV).

Am thinking about the colors of home - the green palmetto trees, the lush and rich colors of all the floral arrangements and landscaping that the town pays all that money for, the luxurious tone of red velvet cake, and the comforting beige of the sand dunes. Missing you, HHI. Gotta get back soon.

ciao for now.

Gettin' the beautiful on

Just came across an awesome article on an even more awesome website (will be adding this one to the Graceful Exits list for sure!) and it brought to mind that there's a solid number of sisters who actually ponder whether or not to go natural. While I may be in the minority here, I really believe that humans are at their most beautiful when they are at their most, well....human. What's there to think about?

When I was coming up, my grandmother (North Carolina matriarch that she is) pressed my hair every morning - just a part of the routine. As soon as I hit college in 1998, it all came off - without a second thought. I had no clue about what my hair would feel like; what the shape of my head would look like; nor how large my ears would appear to be. I did it fearlessly and I am so glad I did!!! I've been natural for 12 years now, and it's the best way for me to adorn myself each day.

I totally understand that as women of color, we have different shades and grades, different twirls and curls...but what you have is for you. Of course there are products and processes to accentuate what you have, but nothing tops what the Good Lord gave you.

Go get your beautiful on!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arts Administrator - Laurie Cumbo

Laurie A. Cumbo is the Executive Director and Founder of the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA). Ms. Cumbo is also an adjunct professor in the Graduate Department of The School of Art & Design at Pratt Institute. Ms. Cumbo holds a Master of Arts degree from New York University in Visual Arts Administration and completed her undergraduate studies at Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History.

Ms. Cumbo’s educational career has been bolstered by her extensive work experience in arts education as well as her travels abroad. She has worked at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Grey Art Gallery. Moreover, her travels throughout Europe, Africa, South America and North America have given her a global perspective on arts education. She has studied at such universities as the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands and the Fuji Studios in Florence, Italy. As a native of Brooklyn, New York, Ms. Cumbo hopes to utilize her educational and professional experiences to bring about an increased presence of the arts in the Borough of Brooklyn.

She is also a member of ARTTABLE, the American Association of Museums, the National Alliance of African & African American Art Support Groups, and the Spelman College Alumni Association.


Rebirth of Slick - The 100th episode

Totally cheesy, but my guy and I have been in each other's lives since November, so yesterday we mused that it'd be our 3-month celebration. It doesn't seem like a very long time, so I decided to count the actual number of days that we've been making each other laugh hysterically, embarass ourselves quite comfortably in front of each other, stuff our faces with gluten free trigger foods, and drink, snip, swirl and stare at wine together.

It's our 100th episode of the rebirth of slick. Here's to you, kiddo!

A Book of Secrets!

I am completely enamoured with learning more about the core of humans - the stuff that resumes and e-harmony postings are NOT made of.

I came across this book a few years ago and was totally captivated by the secrets that brave and anonymous folks carry. Some are humorous, some uplifting, some dishearening and oppressive, but all quite informative about the truthful conditions of soldiers experiencing life.

And it's a franchise!
The blog -
The archive -
The online community -
The book -

Think I'll send in my postcard now.

ciao y'all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eight Weeks of Awesome Fitness - I SEE YOU!!!

That's my mantra for , the go hard or go home fitness challenge and regimen that I've joined with 20 of my closest and healthiest exercise-addicted buddies in Ottawa. We did it last December, also, and I was super-elated to have won and, with the other winner, split $175 in gift cards to the Lulu Lemon store (super cute hoodies on sale now!).

What do we have to do?
3 cardio sessions, 2 strength sessions, and one "other" physical activity (skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, rock-climbing, you name it!) per week. Minimum time per session is 30 minutes.

What do we win?
Each person in the challenge buys a $25 to a selection of stores. Whoever logs in the most sessions wins! There are 1st and 2nd place winners and criteria in place for a tie.

How long?
Eight weeks of awesome, honey-child.

If you're interested in starting a challenge with some friends, check out Much thanks to Daphna, the Cardio-queen of the National Capital Region, for bringing the whole idea together.

ciao y'all!

#7 Worldboarding Memory - Milan

The spectacular thing about Italy is the proximity of large cities to each other. One weekend a month found me venturing from Torino to Milan, only two hours away by train. Those first few trips equipped me with the know-how, audacity, courage, and Italian vernacular to get from one place to another without too much confusion. Travel throughout the boot offers quite a rustic portrayal of Italy's countryside. I wish I had taken more photos of rural life, but the cities really got me excited and anxious about photographic opportunities. When I get back, I'll be sure to capture more of Italy's natural forms.

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