Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eight Weeks of Awesome Fitness - I SEE YOU!!!

That's my mantra for , the go hard or go home fitness challenge and regimen that I've joined with 20 of my closest and healthiest exercise-addicted buddies in Ottawa. We did it last December, also, and I was super-elated to have won and, with the other winner, split $175 in gift cards to the Lulu Lemon store (super cute hoodies on sale now!).

What do we have to do?
3 cardio sessions, 2 strength sessions, and one "other" physical activity (skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, rock-climbing, you name it!) per week. Minimum time per session is 30 minutes.

What do we win?
Each person in the challenge buys a $25 to a selection of stores. Whoever logs in the most sessions wins! There are 1st and 2nd place winners and criteria in place for a tie.

How long?
Eight weeks of awesome, honey-child.

If you're interested in starting a challenge with some friends, check out Much thanks to Daphna, the Cardio-queen of the National Capital Region, for bringing the whole idea together.

ciao y'all!

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