Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Goals - An Objective Check-In

Making life good GREAT is one of life’s daily adventures, and I’m super ja-crazy (my good friend Jamie’s term for being super enthusiastic about some thing, some one, or some idea….) about lists – they tend to keep me in line.

Earlier this year, I figured out 10 things that I wanted to do in 2010 that would bring me joy, happiness, and satisfaction and I made a list (check it out – to the left). I’m not the best at goal setting and keeping, so I thought I’d do a check-in…..

1. Read more books than I did in 2009 - Score on this one!!!

2. Spend more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6. – Ummmmmmm…….not so much, but I may get to teach a children’s dance class in the fall. This will keep me above water on this one!

3. Relearn flute playing – Nope. This one didn’t pan out.

4. Visit 5 new Canadian cities – Not too bad….I can add Kingston, Minton, and Mississauga to my list!

5. Meet more bloggers – SCORE! I reached out to 2 bloggers in Ottawa and may be able to set up a blogger meet up in the city. Plus, I’m guest posting on a fellow blogger’s wonderland. What fun!

6. Watch the Godfather series – I’ll have to wait till a long autumn evening on this one.

7. Finish Chinese 102 successfully – Another zero.

8. Master flossing daily – SCORE! I’m up to twice a day on this one!!!

9. Start a women's investment group in Ottawa – Well, I really tried on this one, but I think I may have an alternative….I’m part of a fitness challenge, and for the next challenge, we’re going to build in “Financial Health” as part of the challenge. We’ll see how this develops.

10. Save $4000 USD for a social sabbatical – I promise I’ll do better on this one - but I AM saving better, and smarter...let's call this one a tie :)

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