Friday, July 9, 2010

Why blog?

I started blogging in January of 2010 becuase I had something to say about Haiti.
I had some beef with how the philanthropic community was (not) responding to the devastation of the earthquake there.

I was pretty disturbed, but I'm so glad to have found blogging as a

Now, I blog a lot more often and around a lot more than just philanthropy.

I blog to:
1. meet interesting poeple all around the world
2. inspire (and be inspired by) creative humans (especially women!) doing their THANG
3. see beautiful things, places, ideas, and people conveniently
4. get my stuff out there (writing, experiences, expertise) so that it could have the energy to  possibly
lead to something bigger
5. help me lead a more interesting, provacative, and adventurous life
(I used to say I wanted to live a life worth writing a book about.
Now I say, I'm living a life worth blogging about!!!!)
What came out raw has blossomed into something lovely.
Many thanks to all the beautiful bloggers
(and upcoming ones too, Missy!)
who inspire me.


ciao y'all!

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