Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer of Love

Hey folks!

It's been an amazing two weeks of travel, family, wonder, and adventure. Mom and I traveled to California, and pics and posts will be on the way!

In the mean and in-between time, I'm really excited to introduce the topic of the month (May was about $$$ and June was about balance. This summer, love has come to me, and I think love, romance, and all the variations of courting make a fun topic to chat about for July.

I've shared bits and pieces about the budding romance in my life with the Polar Bear, and while I'm sure we've got enough ups and downs to write a novella, I wanted to take a deeper look into love.....and to be specific.....cross-border love. Since my honey and I have passports from different countries, it makes our situation a bit more "special."

Our situation doesn't involve crossing oceans or switching continents, so I called on some close friends to lend their stories for the month. These ladies' commitment to love has made me more faithful in romance, (good) men, and the search for love. One moved all the way to Italy to be with her Computer Love, and the other moved to Mexico to make a lifetime of albums with her photographer hubby.

They'll be sharing their stories throughout the month, so be sure to check in!

Ciao y'all!

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