Tuesday, June 8, 2010

51 Gigs.... #1 An Author

I'm in Canada on a 2 year work visa at Community Foundations of Canada, and while I absolutely am in love with my work, I'm a year into the contract, which means that at this point in 2011, I just may find myself in another country, job, health plan, and retirement account (and I just got it set up here...ah well, at least it's one little egg getting bigger :>)

So I'm putting together some inspirational ideas for jobs/careers/gigs that could give me the lifestyle, paycheck, and amenities that I really want in the next big thing. More important that those, though, I want a day, not of working, but of doing what I love and enjoying the blessing of making a living off of it.

The first to come to mind is an author, perhaps of self-help books. One of my faves is Sark. I love the way that she has cultivated a lucrative business of writing, speaking, and sharing from her life's experiences. While I hope to collect a lot more experiences to write about in the coming years, compiling life's learnings in a way that's helpful to others...that could be a delightful gig!
Some ideas to get me going:
  • Continue journaling, but with more detail, content, and exploration of my experiences (and what they mean to me)
  • Park ideas right here at the Wonderland
  • Become familiar with how to aggrandize the book into an actual business
  • Research publishers
  • Share my idea with family, friends, and loved ones (and put the energy of believing in it behind it!)

ciao y'all!


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