Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My next big thing - OFF WITH THEIR DEBTS!!!

So, I've got a new countdown....looking forward to July 15, when I make my last payment to a credit card counseling organization, which has been my saving grace for the past 4 years. In college, I built up sooooooooooooo much debt - there were semesters when I put my entire tuition on credit cards!!!! I wasn't nuts....I just didn't know any better. And those sneaky little services that give you free T-shirts for applying for credit cards did NOT help............

Back in July 2006, I was making way less, but paying way more in credit card bills. Interest rates were jacked up, minimum payments were unbearable, and I was literally losing sleep over seeing so much red text arrive in the mail every month.

Soooooooo.......I joined this credit card counseling agency, and WOW - was I relieved!!!! I had to close my credit card accounts (which hit my credit score pretty hard, but not as hard as late payments and above the max balances!!!), but they lowered my interest rates and allocated my monthly payment to the 3 credit card agencies that I owed.

This month, I paid off the 2nd credit card, and I've only got one left. They even provide this nifty little chart showing my progress over the past 4 years. Granted $12,000 isn't a TON of debt, but when my job stability has been everything accept promised, steady income has been a bit uncertain, and other expenses (like rent, utilities and student loans ARGGGGGG) also take priority, this program has been AWESOME in keeping me aligned with my payments. If you're interested in learning more about the program, let me know!

ciao for now!

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