Friday, April 30, 2010

#8 Worldboarding Memory - Paris

Getting to know the world that we live in is no easy feat. It would be great to have stockpiles of loot, a private jet, and a tour guide who knows the nooks and crannies of every corner of the world to show us its beautiful jewels.

While my Worldboarding Memories are typically about the place, I wanted to stretch this one to unpack some ideas on how to better incorporate travel into living.

I've got only a few suggestions, but I'm anxious to hear yours!

  1. Study abroad - I studied in Spain, Uganda, and Mexico - a good amount of my college years (that's why I'm only now just crawling out of the debt that the time abroad amassed). But in the end, it was so worth it. Just wish I had found more scholarships to support it:)
  2. Pursue a job/career that involves intenational matters - I've been climbing the international philanthropic career ladder since 2006, and found a position that entails meetings on both sides of the Atlantic (this job has taken me to Toronto, Dublin, San Antonio, and Riga so far, which suits me just fine)!
  3. Find conferences relevant to your work - Back in 2008, I submitted a paper to be presented at ISTR's conference in Barcelona. It got accepted, and I got funding to go. For the research junkies, check out the paper here.
  4. Save up and hop aboard - This is really hard for me. To plan a trip solely on the merit of the trip alone (and not work related) happens rarely on this end. My last trip like this was to Los Angeles last September. I'll have to put this into effect more often.
  5. Find a last minute deal and just go - Every Wednesday, I get a message from Travel Zoo with the Top 20 deals of the week. I haven't used this one yet (I'm such a stickler for planning). But maybe I'll put aside a few bucks, check some sites, and grab a ticket.....

How about you? What are some ways to creatively exercise your passport? Would love to hear about your travels and adventures!

ciao for now!


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