Monday, April 12, 2010

30 Days of Birthday Presents

So I started a 30 Day countdown till May 1 (The day my world becomes 30 ROCK!) on my Facebook profile, and I've gotten some really great feedback. During the daily routine, we can get so caught up in what life demands that we lose sight of counting the blessings of that day. So this was my recipe for a really HUGE birthday present. Actually, 30+ of them!!!

Here's what the countdown is looking like:

  • AR is 30 "Till 30" days away. Tonight, crab legs (please Vinny?). Tomorrow NYC. Life is blessed!!!!
  • AR is 29 "Till 30" days away. Some of today's travels, great friends, and beautiful weather. Life is blessed!!!!
  • AR is 28 "Till 30" days away. Today's blessings are a fantastic stylist who can cut curly hair, Clemson sweatshirts that keep us warm, and long walks in the NYC morning sunshine. Life is blessed!!!
  • AR is 27 "Till 30" days away. Some of today's blessings are an unexpected new 'do, sweet mussels and tasty beignets in a secret Harlem spot, and joy in celebrating salvation today. Life is blessed, and Happy Easter!
  • AR is 26 "Till 30" days away. So thankful for skype, amazing Sunday church hats, and chatty afternoons on the fire escape. Life is blessed!
  • AR is 25 "Till 30" days away. The beauty of today is rediscovering natural beauty, feeling fulfilled professionally, spending some lazy time with friends of old, and going home to open arms at the airport. Life is blessed!
  • AR is 24 "Till 30" days away. The gorgeousness of today's blessings are Chick Fil A in the Philly airport (without the pickle:), the power and depth of forgiveness, the sweetest hangovers (re: Missy, 125th....), and a month's worth of Ferrero Rocher chocholates (thanks Vinny!). Life is blessed!
  • AR is 23 days away from Flirty Thirty. A few blessings today are getting the answer through prayer, expedited tax-filing, and sponge rollers. Life is blessed!
  • AR is on Day 22 of counting down blessings till Flirty Thirty. Some of today's greatness includes finding solutions to HUGE problems just in the nick of time, chicken chili, and clearing space in the office for the work of the future. Live is blessed!
  • AR is on Day 19 of counting down blessings till Flirty Thirty. Some blessings recognized over the weekend are the restored energy from a really looooooong nap, the excitement of Afro-dance class, and indulging in Indian dinner - buffet style! Life is blessed!


  1. Really nice. Your gift to yourself and the count down is a creative way to celebrate your birthday. Happy 30 days!

    Tc, Nia B

  2. Thanks, girl! Itš such a motivational and rewarding method - and it doesn't cost a thing! Best of all, it makes me think throughout the day of all the gifts that otherwise, I might've let pass by without noticing....and I really look forward to it each day.....I might just continue :)


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