Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You flossin'? I'm flossin'!!

No, I don't mean showing off your talents, money, IRA accounts, shoes, or jewelry. I mean painstakingly forcing that narrow thread between each of your tightly impacted teeth on a daily basis.

Every time I visit the dentist, it's the same thing: "You should really get into the habit of flossing, Allyson. Then I wouldn't have to scrape off your gums and enamel and make you feel like I've extracted each tooth in that narrow gumline of yours...."

I'm happy to report, that as of mid-January, I've demonstrated SUCCESS with goal #8 (posted in the right hand column). Or, at least I've done the flossing. Whether or not it matters, we'll soon see. I have an appointment at 8:50 a.m. tomorrow morning with Dr. Dentist. Wish me luck!

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