Monday, March 22, 2010

Secret #5

SECRET: My credit score is probably in the toilet, but I wouldn't know any better, and I don't care to.

So the last time I checked my credit was probably around 2007ish, and it was just awful. I mean worse than worst, which is odd because I kept getting applications in the mail from Visa and Mastercard to apply for new accounts.....

The good news is, back in 2006, I got signed up with a credit counseling agency (which negotiated my rates so I could pay off my accounts quicker), and this May, I'll be ALL DONE!!! Well, at least with the cards that I registered. I still have my Macy's, Vic Sec, and 2 trustworthy cards that I leave at home to avoid putting junk on.

Back to the credit score. I'm living outside of the US, so I can't access the sites, but to tell you the truth, I welcome that sad excuse.

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