Friday, November 13, 2015

55. Among asking about the bells and whistles in your new apartment, be sure to inquire about the duct system.

The woman shall ask about the heating and ventilation system in any new residence she is considering.

It went down to 30 degrees last weekend here in Augusta, and after some financial consideration, I made an informed decision to turn on the heat.  Over the summer, my bill got up to more than $300, and so I've been conservative with the controlled temperature, to say the least.

About 2 minutes after turning out the heat, I heard quaint noises coming from the second bedroom.  I grabbed a neighbor to come with me to check it out.  He went towards the vent, lifted the cover, and pulled out three of the tiniest kittens.

As it turns out, the duct system under the home was in such ill-repair that it had become a resting (and nesting) place to a local four-legged friend who also called it home.  The property manager had made all the necessary repairs and the HVAC guys hooked my system UP!  I now get all the heat I'll ever need, and the system under the house is kitty-free.

Next time around, I'll be sure to listen to the great advice of a trusted friend and ask some key questions:

  1. Is the place winterized?
  2. What is the average electric bill each month?
  3. Where is the duct system (attic or under the home)?
  4. How long has it been since the ventilation system was thoroughly checked?
  5. Does my unit power the common area?
Stay warm,

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