Friday, July 18, 2014

53. The woman shall protect her heart, for everything she does flows from it.

The woman shall, at all times, protect her heart not only from the nuances of romance, but more importantly, from the unintentional relationship-based liabilities hat she may impose on herself. 

Guard your heart, lovelies, not just so you won't get hurt, but more importantly, so that you continue to be the amazing, energetic life source that God (or whoever rocks your universe) intended you to be. 

In our westernized format of processing love and romance, sex and misplaced emotions serve as our relationship compass. That's not how He intended it to be. 

Guard your hearts by not giving it away too quickly.  As women, we give it ALL up WAY too quickly.

Our love.
Our thoughts. 
Our time.
Our bodies.
Our cooking. 

When we give it all up way too quickly, it has multiple serious implications. We send a signal to the man that:

1) He no longer has to place effort nor interest in pursuing a romantic partnership with us.
He's already got it. 

2) He does not have to value us.
We didn't value ourselves to wait for his investment, too.

In the work to establish and build a fulfilling relationship, there's got to be an investment on both sides, and too often, we invest way too soon. As a result, we give it ALL up way too quickly as part of our investment practices. 

Also, when we give it ALL up WAY too quickly, we place undue burdens on the relationship because our own expectations are now out of proportion.

 When we give it all up way too quickly (at a level that has not been matched by our partner), we fast-forward the relationship at an unrealistic speed - which leaves us drunk and falling down.

When I think of how I'll stop giving it ALL up WAY too quickly, I'll base my investment decisions and timeline not only on my man-list, but also on the man-list that I know Mom had in mind for me. 

Trying to get this right,

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