Wednesday, January 30, 2013

38. Muscle Cars

The woman shall, at some point in her life, own/rent and periodically open up on the highway, the muscle car of her (and the highly evolved gentleman's) dreams.

Space-conscious and eco-friendly cars are certainly on trend, and understandably so.  They are a part of the solution to long-standing global environmental challenges, they save on gas consumption, and they are easy to manage, house, park, and maintain.

I've always driven cars that fit my lifestyle needs.  During my freshman year at Clemson, I drove a 4-door Kia (to which I creatively attached a bike rack in the silly effort to make the car appear longer), and afterwards followed a series of small SUV-ish type cars that suited my needs (I moved around A LOT and was always transporting large items).

I had to rent a car on a trip to Ottawa, and the guy at the rental spot told me he could rent me a Chevrolet Camaro for $100 less than the SUV that I had an eye on.  Being one to exercise financial responsibility, I took him up on his offer.  The way that it drove, the panel inside and the vvvvroooom that made my liver quiver was sufficiently convincing.  Four months later, I bought one in white.

I've slid into my 30's, and the vehicle purchase that I've made really suits my current lifestyle.  I roll with my two Bichons (Winne and Oui Oui), and they don't need much space - they're not even in the car that often.  My grocery bags aren't that plentiful, and I don't make trips to Home Depot these days. Sooooooooooooo, the Camaro is perfect for me, my life, and my road trips:)

A tip for ya - I've learned that muscle cars aren't the best for backseat passengers - they are purposely suited to fulfill the driver.  Also, muscle cars require a good bit of maintenance.  I used to let oil changes slip past the due date, but the muscle ride will let you know when she needs attenion.  Also, you've got to keep a good car looking shiny and new.  My white Cam was all 50 shades of gray this week, but luckily I found the best car washing business in town.

Every woman needs to step out of a car that makes her feel confident, gorgeous, and ready for the day ahead. It helps if your ride draws great comments from cute guys, too!  Before family days set in and you need the mini-van, jeep, SUV, or station wagons (do car companies still make those?), get yourself a muscle car and roll out on dubs, music on full blast.

If a different car isn't in the budget for the next few years, rent a muscle ride - matter of fact, do it this weekend!  It'll change your life. Promise.

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