Thursday, January 24, 2013

34. Gentleman Friends

The woman shall enjoy, indulge in, and learn from her genuinely platonic friendships with gentleman counterparts.

We love our girlfriends!  However, there is an undeniable value of having male friends that can offer a completely different point of view, insight into priorities that aren't even on our feminine radar, and participation in masculine activities that we'd otherwise prefer not to encourage.

Prime example - I've never been into the techie part of choosing TV's.  Matter of fact, I don't even own a TV (I live in hotels, and that's a totally separate post).  However, spending time with two of the coolest cats I know this past weekend showed me the universe that I've been ignoring.  We watched one of the Transformers movies (was it 2 or 3?), and the 3D imaging on that huge screen was astounding! 

While I'm usually uplifted by a new shade of coral in the OPI nail color line, spending some time bonding with my male buddies (and enjoying the awesome surround sound, too!) showed me a world that's quite different from my own.  Also, since we're not romantically tied, there was no nervousness, flirtation, or unreal expectations - just straight up kickin' it. I think we need more of that in our world.

Thanks for being my buddies, Antoine (soon to be Raleigh, NC) and Peter (Charlotte, NC).

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