Thursday, January 17, 2013

26. Career Touchdown

The woman shall develop a sound sense of a career that she is proud of, and she shall allow flexibility for it to evolve.

I've been working in my field since I left grad school.....that makes this my eighth anniversary... AWESOMENESS! 

I've had quite a few gigs over the years in my field (which is best summed up as building community, promoting philanthropy and fundraising), and I've had my fair share of gaps of occasional unemployment - we've been in a recession, ya'll! 

The track has been anything but routine, but sticking with my priorities over the years kept the career grounded, and it maintains a sense of excitement and enthusiasm within professional evolution.

A few lessons collected from colleagues to keep a high score in career points:

  1. Ask for what you know you deserve. If you've performed well for your company/firm/shop/employer, request the salary that reflects that.  Ladies, do not be humble here. You won't lose anything by adequately presenting your request and the background info to support it.  Earn what you know you're worth.
  2. Shop your resume.  A j.o.b. is short for Just Over Broke (thanks, Missy from Charleston, SC!).  In these days of lay-offs and shut downs, no job is ever certain.  If you're not a member of the executive staff or holder of all the IT secrets, keep your resume in constant circulation.
  3. Keep your eye on the prize.  Additionally, know that the prize will evolve. In my twenties, working internationally in the non-profit sector was really important to me.  After excercising my passport quite a bit, leadership is emerging as a priority.  I'm figuring that out day by day, but staying focused on the overall goal keeps me sharper, more curious, and more inspired with every click of the keyboard.

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