Wednesday, January 16, 2013

11. Prenuptial Agreements

The woman shall know the financially measurable value of her investment in a marriage.

In the dating world of the fabulous, it's abolutely imperative that you know where you stand on these papers.  I was on a first date with a really great guy (a tad older, and with many accomplishments, mind you!) and he posed the question around how I felt about prenups.  I was stunned! 

Be serious about your future - and protecting yourself and your family. 

For me, I hate thinking about divorce before marriage is even in the picture.  However, I do want to be secure, and I'd want my husband to feel secure, too.

So my stance is this: 

If we get a divorce, I get half.
If we get a divorce and you're caught cheating, I get half plus $1M in emotional damages.

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