Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Wish List for Days Like Today (when a pick me up is long overdue!)

I keep an ongoing list of fun and quirky things that I really want, and in some cases, I treat myself to, but only when they're on sale.   Some of them, like a Mercedes 560sl, I won't get on impulse, but I like to keep an evolving list, as it's great to keep in mind what "I'm always looking for" in case I happen upon it.  Here are a few things that have stayed on the list for a while......

  1. 5 well fitting short sleeve white t-shirts
  2. The original version of TableTopics
  3. 3 white sweaters
  4. A cool bow tie
  5. Some CD's by Israel & New Breed CD , the Dave Matthews Band, and Nelly
  6. Some flattering gold-toned lip gloss
  7. Wreath making tools and station set-up
  8. Really supportive sports bras (like the outdated UnderArmour one I got a few years ago)
  9. A Hudson's Bay Point Blanket
  10. An Ottawa sweatshirt/jacket
  11. A few bottles of Moscato d'Asti
  12. The Travel Book by Lonely Planet
  13. Cosby Show DVD's (all the seasons)
  14. Cirque du Soleil performance DVD's
  15. An iPod
  16. An awesome wrap dress from Kania
  17. The perfect facescrub
  18. Cashmere Socks
  19. Janet Jackson's Red Velvet Album
  20. A great long sleeve formal dress

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