Monday, February 14, 2011

Who is behind camera #1?

I've got to admit - when it comes to black women in the arts, I can chat about literature, theatre, film, and dance, but I'm a bit rusty in the disciplines of the visual arts.  I know my ladies whose skills represent the lowcountry of South Carolina - Cassandra Gillens and Dianne Britton Dunham, to name a few. 

And I've been introduced to ladies whose works frequent the Studio Museum in Harlem - Lorna Simpson and Kara Walker are the ones I really really admired. 

But on a national and historical scale, I've got to do my homework!!!

And that, I'm happy to say, is a profound lesson in my Black History Month Journey - exploring the impact of black female artists on the visual arts world is something I can't wait to dig into!

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