Thursday, October 28, 2010

Global Community Philanthropy Initiative - to launch in May 2011!

A group of about 15 community foundation leaders from around the world will plan the GCPI event in May 2011, which will explore the future of community philanthropy globally. Practitioners from the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF), the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network (TCFN) and WINGS-CF will continue to examine how the work of community foundations can best be supported globally, especially how the core work of community foundations and their supporting networks in areas such as convening, peer learning, development of tools and resources, and granting can be joined up through existing global programs such as those represented by participants and perhaps others too. They will also provide some advice to Community Foundations of Canada on shaping an agenda for the GCPI segment of the CFC 2011 Conference.

While a number of community foundation leaders, practitioners, and participants in the three networks will be invited to attend the GCPI meetings on May 14-15, everyone at the CFC Conference is invited to attend the launch of the GCPI, which will be celebrated on the eve of the conference (May 11, 2011). We hope to see you there!

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