Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Women's Power Circle

Charleston Couture Fashion Show and Fundraiser


Now that that is out of the way, I'm really amped about having a summer project. Some friends and I got together and were talking about planning a fashion show this September. It brought up great memories of a show that my very good friends M. Renee Williams and Stephanie Glover organized back in 2005 in Charleston, South Carolina. It was amazing!!!!!! The energy, the makeup, the clothes.....

Needless to say, the group here in Ottawa was smitten with the idea....till we realized that 1) We're not here in Ottawa collectively as a group for the entire summer, which would make planning difficult, 2)Neither of us are from Ottawa and are really familiar with the resources that we could be tapping into, and 3)We're not in the fashion scene enough to know what's going on already......

BOOOOOOOOOO reality check!

With that, we decided to re-gig ourselves and create something smaller, more intimate, and that gets at the true purpose of what we want.......

We're not sure what that looks like, but it will likely be:
  • Something that focuses on women spending time together in a fun, enriching way (guys do it all the time! they can walk into ANY bar in ANY country at ANY time of year at ANY time of day and have something in common - SPORTS!). What do women have as an equivalent common bond? Hopefully, we'll find it!
  • An event with lifestyle/fashion/beauty thread throughout it
  • Sometime in July......

Are there events going on in your city that bring women together to celebrate themselves? I know there are TONS of volunteer, fundraising, church-related, and service events and, too! But when do women get together to just talk? If you know of something, please share! Finding a formula that works means we don't have to reinvent the wheel:)

ciao y'all!


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