Thursday, May 20, 2010

Money, I made you!

Only 11 days left in the May focus on money, and boy, have I changed some things!!! My only problem is that while I've found some really great ideas on how to save money, I don't have many on making more money (at the present moment and in the near future). Although in my fantasy I'd love to make tons more today, I really do want to think realistically about how over the next 3-5 years I can build my asset base, increase my value (and salary) as a professional, and work towards lucrative entrepreneurship. I've done garage sales, babysitting, and consigning, and now, I'm really ready for a BIG jump forward.
So, here's some brainstorming...walk with me, and send me your ideas!

  • Consulting - I set up a sole proprietorship 6 years ago, and while I can't generate income in Canada (work visa issues), I'd love to chat with interested folks based in the US. I know I don't advertise this nearly enough (I don't at all actually). So, I'll get started here :) AHEM.....If you need a hand in arts administration, nonprofit management, grantwriting, or fundraising, check me out at Whew! That wasn't so bad. Now I just have to take it out of the Wonderland and into the real world!
  • Investing - I'm scared to death of this, especially with the economic unpleasantess that's been going on over the past few years. If you've got any insight, would love to hear about your experiences!
  • Working. BETTER! - I mean this in the most encouraging way. I've taken on tons of new projects at work, intending for it to add to my overall wealth of experience (and value) so that I can negotiate a higher salary in my next big gig. In the past, I've done research papers, conference presentations, publishing, etc. all on my own dime and time, and it's really helped. I've just wrapped up a new project at the office that I totally volunteered for (and took home to work on, in some cases!), and it adds a very substantial bullet item on the resume. Just got to find more opportunities to work like this so that I can substantially negotiate more....hmmmmmm......
  • Blogging - For now, I use my Wonderland as a parking lot for ideas, dreams, opinions, and if I'm lucky, conversations:) I've seen on tons of other blogs opportunities for sponsorship, and in many cases, sponsor banners. It seems that the subject matter for these blogs is either fashion, product design, or something related to the two. Unfortunately, those are pots that I can't stew, so I'm thinking creatively on how this blog could possibly become an income generator (without sacrificing its original focus and purpose:) Would love to hear more ideas on this......

Will continue this conversation...for sure!

ciao for now!



  1. A comment from my friend Michelle via Facebook:

    Have u asked for a raise? R u locked into a contract for a certain salary? Track all the extra projects, feedback etc you receive for mgt, coworkers, clients, attendees, etc. If u have a linkedin profile ask ppl for recommendations. Use this info to request a mtg to discuss ur next position, growth and a pay increase!!! What is the worse that can happen? Let me know if u have questions.

  2. Michelle has some great ideas! On this end, I can't quite ask for a raise (it's a 2 year contract at a set salary), but for the next long-term gig, I'll certainly take your pointers!

  3. dude. you have the coolest hair ever!


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