Monday, February 22, 2010

We're feeling complete today....

love this colorful image because it perfectly depicts where my heart, mind, soul, and body are at today.
  • love the twirl inside (thinking that this could represent constant motion)
  • love the rugged exterior (we're ALL still working on things, right:)
  • love the playfulness of the pink and the maturity of the rose colors

i had a wonderful balance of all things essential today. i skipped mandarin class last night......on purpose. those 3 redirected hours (6:50-8:50 PM class, plus an hour of bussing and walking to the class) really summed up to a restful evening of mindless magazine perusing and celebrating the US victory over Canada in men's hockey (we shot. we scored. we conquered!).

so my restful Sunday evening gave way to a purposeful, clear, and electric monday morning. i eased into it with prayer, Bible reading, a 15 minute stretch, a blueberry/vanilla yogurt/cottage cheese/litchi juice smoothie, and flossing. plus the walk to work was pretty awesome. all this to say that when my morning routine has purpose, my day seems to be so much more fulfilling.

and my hair is really big today. hello, world! zoom zoom.

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