Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unplugging in an Electric Wonderland

still on my unplugging kick. when you relax on purpose, it really keeps your mind clear, body strong, and spirit relevant. this is the good life!

monday's unplug - skipped the extra session at the gym and journaled most of the evening
tuesday's unplug - practiced writing Chinese characters (the monotony of which is quite relaxing:)
wednesday's unplug - popped a bottle of moscato, ate chicken wings, and lounged in front of the tv
today's unplug - got up really early, read more Leviticus, journaled, and spent some time with Jesus in prayer. i also cleaned and cut up some cilantro this morning. i realized that prepping and cleaning my veggies early in the morning makes it less like a chore - more like a soothing exercise in taking care of self.

that be it for now.
ciao y'all!

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