Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hayr Stuff

Dear Lovely Sisters with Natural Strands,

Every morning, I have a huge side project known as my hair. For sisters considering a move to the natural side of things, here a few ideas that I found really, really, really helpful......

With natural hair, the first thing is to make sure your cut, your layers, and your length are compatible with your curl. I had cut off all my hair and let it grow in without a cut until it reached a length where cutting layers made good sense, and the lady who cut it was Dominican (they always cut naturally curly hair really, really well! - they understand angles and layers in great way :-)

Once you have a good cut, your hair will grow in beautifully at any length. For products, i condition with pantene for curls every morning (I shampoo and comb it only once a week - it frays the curl if i do it too often). Then I use pantene for curls gel, mix it with suave for curls mouse, and apply it generously throughout my hair. Use a little gel and a lot of mousse. The gel keeps the curls together, and the gel keeps it light. Usually, I let it air dry (another reason layers are important - it takes no time at all).

Now that it's cold, i use a blow-dyer with a diffuser for about 5 minutes. if it's a bit frizzy after drying, i use tresseme lotion for curls with the green cap. it's a lot of trial and error for sure, but it doesn't need to be expensive. i tried all the high end products from salons, and none of them worked.....let me know what your trying too - and post a pic - I'm feeling a cut coming on and need some inspriration!

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